Ban fracking

Fracking, the process of releasing natural gas by injecting huge amounts of water, chemicals and sand into shale rock formations, has been linked to earthquakes, found to contaminate local water supplies, connected to multiple health problems and is causing serious health problems.

The process of fracking is also part of an industry that is contributing to deadly climate change and bears responsibility for most of the world's environmental problems. Only 30-50% of chemicals used in fracking are recovered after the job is done, which means the rest get left in the ground, leaching through soil and potentially percolating into groundwater drinking supplies.

Despite all this, the use of fracking continues to spread across the United States and Wall Street millionaire Phil Murphy is cashing in on it. When asked about his investments in fracking companies during a primary election debate, Murphy responded, "Well, there's no good answer for that." 

Progressives have been telling Congress that fracking needs to be banned. Wall Street millionaire Phil Murphy delivered a speech in Germany extolling the virtues of the environmentally destructive practice. 

Making money in fossil fuel businesses and promoting fracking are signs of greed, not indications of a progressive political agenda but Wall Street millionaire Phil Murphy thinks you are unable to see him for what he is.  Sign our petition to tell Wall Street millionaire Phil Murphy that fracking needs to be banned and making money off it is unacceptable for a Democratic candidate.

Fracking needs to be banned and it is unacceptable for Wall Street millionaire Phil Murphy to be making money off it.

Will you sign?

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