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    Pre-K to College

    For decades, New Jersey lawmakers and governors have failed to address their constitutional obligation to provide a thorough and efficient education to every child in New Jersey but Lisa McCormick will not wait a single day. If school districts have money to spend on multi-million dollar settlements and lawyers, then we can afford to educate every child instead.

    We can cut property taxes in half, keep your community involved in every neighborhood school, significantly reduce administrative costs and do a better job impacting the lives of every student by making sense out of our convoluted and corrupt public schools. 

    It is time to address the problem of failing schools by consolidating the administration of education under state control, ending our reliance on the grossly unfair and antiquated property tax and empowering teacher to do their job well.

    We need to restructure the entire school system, insure safe and well-equipped facilities and expand free public education to include pre-K and college, or an alternative training program that qualifies graduates to work in a useful trade. 

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