Eyes wide open

Eyes wide open

Republicans in Congress are failing to convince voters that their economic policies are helping middle-class Americans because people know the cost of living, like increasing costs for health care & gasoline, is washing out any benefit working people got from the GOP tax law.

That is important because many of our representatives failed to make the case early or often about the simple, straightforward truth.

Tax cuts for the wealthy do not create a healthy economy. If they did, America would be flying high instead of divided, with most of us struggling to make ends meet.

When top tax rates were 90%, the economy was booming and almost everyone with a job had more than enough to live on. We had free public education, massive investments in the infrastructure and ordinary people could retire in comfort when they turned 60. Today people with two or three jobs cannot pay their bills, credit card and other debts keep piling up and retirement is beyond the hope of many average workers. 

It would be simple enough to return to policies that made the economy strong and broadly prosperous for everyone, but greed keeps getting in the way. Instead of doing the right thing, politicians cater to the rich and ordinary voters let them get away with it. It is time to take matters into our own hands.

If you can tell the difference between right and wrong, and if you would do the right thing were you entrusted with public power even when you might personally benefit from doing the wrong thing, then you should consider running for elected office. 

Bernie Sanders said America needs a political revolution. That not something one person can do alone. I showed money is not the only asset in a political campaign and I want to help elect hundreds of ordinary Americans. I want to help elect you.

Put your name on the ballot, pledge to helping progressive candidates or contribute what you can. Let me know we can count on you. 


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