International Women’s Day

In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, and this year’s theme, #BeBoldForChange, Lisa McCormick said she wants more women to run for the state legislature, where the Democratic political establishment has demonstrated a shameful lack in equality, diversity and inclusion.

"International Women's Day celebrates our social, economic, cultural and political achievements," said McCormick. "Unfortunately the New Jersey political establishment has demonstrated a shameful lack in equality, diversity and inclusion in promoting Democratic candidates for the state legislature."

"I want to use this occasion to call on more women, more scientists and more people of color to seek election as lawmakers, because too many of the people in power now are merely placeholders and paper pushers," said McCormick. "They are not fighting for women's rights, or Republican Gov. Chris Christie would not have been able to shut down six family planning clinics."

"They are not fighting for racial justice, or our schools would not be so bitterly segregated that 100,000 black children attend without ever sharing a classroom with a white student," said McCormick. "They are not fighting for the majority, or women would not be relegated to fewer than one of every four elected offices. While we take to the streets protesting to virulent hostility toward women exhibited by Donald Trump, to many of our sisters and daughters are victims of the quiet chauvinism that denies us a voice in government, fair wages in the workplace and constant vulnerability to violent sexual predators."

McCormick challenged each of the other candidates for governor to speak out not only against the deeply flawed Republican Trump administration, but to directly address the failings within the Democratic political establishment.

"Justice for women is not going to be achieved by throwing stones at the deeply flawed Trump Republicans, who disregard everything from the opposition party with contempt, but we might be able to make progress by pointing out our own shortcomings and opportunities for improvement," said McCormick. "Be bold for change by running for the state legislature and talking about places where the Democratic political establishment can make a difference."


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