McCormick sets record straight on Wisniewski’s anti-abortion votes

McCormick sets record straight on Wisniewski’s anti-abortion votes

John Wisniewski voted to outlaw or restrict access to abortion five times, according to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lisa McCormick, who released the following statement and supporting evidence listed below:

Assemblyman John Wisniewski’s five votes to outlaw or restrict access to abortion are a matter of public record. One bill came up three times (he voted to override Gov. Christie Whitman’s veto) and the other one came up twice. Both laws were ruled unconstitutional by the courts. The whole record is below, with proof in case the Wiz tries to deceive you again.

The right to privacy and the right to choose a safe, legal abortion are fundamental human rights that have disproportionate impact on women, who are under attack by Trump Republicans.

I am grateful that Assemblyman Wisniewski cast votes to restore funding after Gov. Chris Christie defunded Planned Parenthood in New Jersey, but those votes were unsuccessful. It takes very little courage for a Democrat to oppose the Republican without actually prevailing.

I am not at all happy that the longtime political insider has been trying to impugn my integrity with false allegations and other deceptive claims that distract from the simple truth of his “Pro Life” voting record.

I will fight to win when it comes to women’s health & American liberty, but to achieve victory in this election, I need your help. That is why I am asking you to run for the legislature on my ticket, to volunteer your time and to donate to our campaign right now.

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