Working class & female candidates excluded from Working Families debate

Today is International Woman's Day, and one candidate for governor is hopping mad that a group proclaiming itself as a champion of working families has excluded all four female contenders from a screening debate that is welcoming three millionaires in the race.

Democrat Lisa McCormick said she was denied an invitation to participate in the New Jersey Working Families Alliance candidates' debate, and the only participants listed as being under consideration for the group's endorsement are three millionaires on one Green Party minister who is not pursuing the Democratic Party nomination in June.

"John Wisniewski voted to outlaw or restrict access to abortion five times, but he is a millionaire who was welcome to debate on International Woman's Day," said McCormick. "Wall Street millionaire Phil Murphy spent 23 years at the notorious Goldman Sachs investment back, but he got invited to seek the Working Families endorsement."

"No women or people who are part of an actual working family have been invited to participate," said McCormick. "It is a scam designed to make the eventual endorsement of a wealthy one-percenter look legitimate by denying the spotlight to people who are not millionaires."

McCormick said seven candidates who are not among the richest one percent include herself, Tenafly Councilman Mark Zinna, Monica Brinson, Paul Binetti, retired firefighter Bill Brennan, former priest Robert Hoatson and Titus Pierce.

"When the Statue of Liberty went dark Tuesday night, some saw a symbolic gesture in harmony with the 'Day Without a Woman' strike but excluding women from the electoral process today means that political insiders are willing to have an election without a woman," said McCormick. "This is a shameful attempt to deny exposure to contenders who genuinely represent working class voters, so the political establishment can claim legitimacy when it tries to convince our constituencies they should vote against our interests. There is a class war in America and they want us to keep losing by pretending that enemies are our friends."

McCormick said she expects Wall Street millionaire Phil Murphy to pick up the group's endorsement, despite the fact that he spent 23 years at the notorious Goldman Sachs investment bank, which has been called the biggest culprit responsible for the global financial crisis, deep public debt and growing wealth inequality.

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