We got 159,998 votes!

You achieved something historic. Now we have to do it again.

Thank you for your love, faith & support. Even if we won this battle, the war would go on but our setback was unprecedented -- my vote total would have been a majority in all but two non-presidential Democratic primary elections since 1998!

We are going to carry on. I need you to stick with me and step up to do even more.

We showed what can be done without money, but now you must support our cause financially. We showed sweat equity matters most, but we need you to double your volunteer efforts. We showed that voters respond when they have a choice, and I need you to put your name on the ballot with mine.

You are my team. I love you for that. I will not quit because this is not finished, and we are fighting for our lives. 

Make your greatest commitment and never give up. A progressive Democratic majority is emerging. From cleaning up corruption, inequality and unfairness in our political and economic systems to universal health care, free public education and shared prosperity, our agenda means justice for people and ultimately, we shall succeed. We need you. Please do all you can. 

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Contributions to the Election Fund of Lisa McCormick for Governor are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. New Jersey election law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $300 in an election cycle By law, contributions from banks, insurance companies, public utilities, cable television corporations, as wells as certain casino interests are prohibited. In addition, federal law prohibits contributions from foreign nationals. The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission allows contributions of up to $4,300 per person per election to gubernatorial candidates but Lisa McCormick will not accept more than $2,500 from a single donor. An individual may contribute up to $4,300 for the Primary election. Joint account holders may make a joint contribution of up to $8,600 for the Primary Election.