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    To appear on the ballot, a candidate for senator must file a nominating petition containing the signatures of at least 1,000 Democrats or unaffiliated voters. The forms need to be signed by each voter with his or her own hand and the people who circulate those petitions must certify that they personally witnessed the signatures. 

    Like many tasks in the campaign, this is not particularly difficult and it can be quite fun, but it is an important part of the process with significant legal ramifications if not done correctly. The best way to insure strict compliance with the law and maximum political benefit for the campaign is by recruiting a large number of volunteers to participate in collecting petition signatures.

    We appreciate your willingness to volunteer! Once you complete this page, you will be redirected to a blank petition form to put Lisa McCormick on the ballot for senator in the 2018 Democratic primary election. We will be holding meetings in a few months to collect completed forms, so download the document and make time to promptly circulate your petition.  

    This is a critical first step in the process of defeating a crooked establishment politician, so we are very grateful for your help and support. If you intend to carry the petition door to door, see the volunteer page and sign up as a canvasser so you can use our handy app that shows voters in your neighborhood in list format or on a map that you can access from a cell phone or tablet!

    Once again, Lisa McCormick is the candidate but we thank you for making this your campaign! 
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