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    larry fyfe

    Fix Social Security

    Social Security is funded through deductions to everyone’s paychecks. We pay in while we’re working, and then collect benefits when we retire but not everyone pays equally.

    While 94% of American workers pay Social Security tax on every dollar in their paycheck, the very richest Americans stop paying Social Security taxes on taxable earnings over $132,900 but it does not have to be that way.

    By simply requiring upper-income Americans to pay the same tax rate as middle-class families, Social Security's benefits could be expanded, and its funding would remain in balance for decades beyond the longest projections. 

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    Scrap the cap!

    Require upper-income Americans to pay the same tax rate as the 94% of American working  middle-class families that make less than $132,900 a year. This adjustment will keep Social Security solvent in perpetuity. 


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    Save the World


    The world is approaching disaster with nuclear arms, dangerous world leaders, climate change, injustice, overpopulation, extreme poverty and other threats to human survival.

    Meanwhile we are represented in the US Senate by a greedy, ineffectual predator who is vulnerable to a multimillionaire Republican, a former CEO who would be even worse.

    There's only alternative Democrat on the primary election ballot: Lisa McCormick.

    Lisa McCormick is an ordinary person who would not stand aside in this time of crisis.

    Vote for Democrat Lisa McCormick for US Senate if you want genuine leadership because your vote on June 5th can save the world.

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    Become a volunteer

    Our people-powered movement is dependent on you. This is your campaign. Please hit the streets to fight against those who have robbed and cheated the working middle class in America.  

    We need volunteers to man the front lines and leaders to coordinate projects, supervising others. We need to get out our supporters to win!  

    Sign up to knock on doors fron May 30 through June 4 or take charge of a companent of the entire operation, either way you will be a hero of the revolution!

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