Taxes are an investment in us

By Lisa McCormick

Taxes are the price we pay for civilization, according to great and wise American, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Republicans have been demonizing taxes for as long as I can remember but they have also been destroying civilization.

America had top tax rates of 70% to 90% until Ronald Reagan slashed them and sent the nation spiraling into a massive national debt. The national debt ballooned from less than one trillion dollars in 1980 to almost $25 trillion today!

Lower tax rates on the richest Americans also imposed gaping income inequality across our nation. With those 90% top tax rates, our economy was booming! Today, people working two jobs still do not have enough to make ends meet.

America had rich folks, like Howard Hughes, but we also had 65 percent of the population in the middle class. Today, one man -- Jeff Bezos -- has a net worth of $150 billion, which is more than he can ever spend, but 25 percent of Americans have been pushed out of the middle class and into poverty.

A smart, fair and progressive tax system made America strong and successful from the Great Depression until Reagan Republicans messed things up. Since implementing the Reagan, Bush and Trump tax cuts, Americans have become poor and there is solid economic evidence to prove that. When taxes on the rich were two or three times what they are today, America had a large, prosperous and growing middle class that made our nation the richest and power powerful country in the world. 

Maybe it does not sound fun, but investing in our survival is a good thing. Civilization is a good thing. Progressive taxation is a good thing.

International Women's Day is March 8

In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, and this year’s theme, #BeBoldForChange, Lisa McCormick said she wants more women to run for the state legislature, where the political establishment has demonstrated a shameful lack in equality, diversity and inclusion.

"International Women's Day celebrates our social, economic, cultural and political achievements," said McCormick. "Unfortunately the New Jersey political establishment has demonstrated a shameful lack in equality, diversity and inclusion in promoting Democratic candidates for the state legislature."

"I want to use this occasion to call on more women, more scientists and more people of color to seek election as lawmakers, because too many of the people in power now are merely placeholders and paper pushers," said McCormick. "They are not really fighting for women's rights, or Republican Gov. Chris Christie would not have been able to shut down six family planning clinics."

"They are not fighting for racial justice, or our schools would not be so bitterly segregated that 100,000 black children attend without ever sharing a classroom with a white student," said McCormick. "They are not fighting for the majority, or women would not be relegated to fewer than one of every four elected offices. While we take to the streets protesting to stop virulent hostility toward women exhibited by Donald Trump, too many of our sisters and daughters are victims of the quiet chauvinism that denies us a voice in government, fair wages in the workplace and protection from violent sexual predators."

McCormick challenged each of the other candidates for governor to speak out not only against the deeply flawed Republican Trump administration, but to directly address the failings within the Democratic political establishment.

"Justice for women is not going to be achieved by throwing stones at the deeply flawed Trump Republicans, who disregard everything from the opposition party with contempt, but we might be able to make progress by pointing out our own shortcomings and opportunities for improvement," said McCormick. "Be bold for change by running for the state legislature and talking about places where the Democratic political establishment can make a difference, because most men simply do not understand our feeling of constant vulnerability."

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Reverse the deadly impact of climate change

The threat of climate change puts at risk our planet’s capacity to support life. The demand for clean alternative energy is the only way that we can insure human survival. 

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. The debate is over: Climate change is real, it’s caused by human activity and is already causing devastating damage to the entire planet.

If we don’t act boldly to combat climate change, the CIA says that a warming planet will increase international instability and the Pentagon has already been preparing to wage war for water based on assumptions that this will be necessary.

We must move forward with climate justice policies that recognize the public health risks faced by low-income and minority communities.

Some politicians still refuse to recognize the reality of climate change. In the year 2016, it’s a national embarrassment. The United States should make it a priority to lead the world in combating climate change. We need real leadership on this issue.

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Unsolved crime insults victims & families

 When Sunday marks one year since two gunmen shot and killed Jamal “Mally” Gaines, 21-year-old entrepreneur who ran a Rahway sneaker store, Democrat Lisa McCormick wants citizens to know that authorities typically fail to solve crime.

Union County Prosecutor Grace H. Park released video clips from surveillance cameras that recorded the shooting suspects in an attempt to identify the killers, but McCormick says statistics from the State Police Uniform Crime Reports cast a gloomy outlook for any resident seeking justice.

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Unsolved crime insults victims & families

The vast majority of crimes reported to police are not solved in New Jersey, representing another aspect of our fundamentally dysfunctional government. Only about half of the murders reported in this state are cleared with an arrest, and upwards of 75 percent of all reported crimes escape justice.

I am running for governor in the Democratic primary election because voters need a candidate who is not part of an establishment that ignores problems and I am clearly convinced that the so-called leading contenders do not care about people.

Wall Street billionaire Phil Murphy wants to destroy democracy, so he is not going to solve crime because it is an issue far away from his sphere of concern, which is all about greed for money and power. Political insiders like John Wisniewski have had decades to address this problem but it only gets worse.

Annual statistics released by the State Police show the vast majority of crimes go unsolved and the problem is getting worse. The only smart solution is a revolutionary restructuring of law enforcement in New Jersey.

We need to stop wasting resources on the ineffective ‘war against drugs’ so we can redeploy police where they can do the most good. This unmitigated failure cost billions of taxpayer dollars and ruined millions of lives instead of addressing a public health issue in a sensible and intelligent way. No American should be jailed for smoking marijuana. 

We cannot accept or ignore the fundamental injustice of unsolved crime. We spend billions of dollars on law enforcement but grieving families and innocent victims are not getting the justice that will help restore their shattered lives.


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