Our existing system of free public education can be more efficient, more responsive, more comprehensive and less expensive.


It is time to address the problem of failing schools by consolidating the administration of education under state control, ending our reliance on the grossly unfair and antiquated property tax and empowering teachers to do their job well. 


We can cut property taxes in half, keep your community involved in every neighborhood school, significantly reduce administrative costs and do a better job impacting the lives of every student by making sense out of our convoluted and corrupt public schools.


New Jersey has some of the best schools in the nation but the current system has about 600 school districts duplicating effort and in some cases, failing miserably, due to a wide range of challenges that must be addressed intelligently to achieve improvements.


These districts protect a range of unconscionable practices: It is time to end the unacceptable racism tax on residents that preserves obvious racial segregation and the vast duplication of services and redundant administration.  

We need to restructure the entire school system, insure safe and well-equipped facilities and expand free public education to include pre-K and college, or an alternative training program that qualifies graduates to work in a useful trade. 

Will you sign?

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