As election spending has escalated to previously unimaginable levels, public confidence in government has plummeted to the lowest levels ever recorded.

No wonder. Citizens watch a tiny segment of society – the wealthiest and most privileged among us – make huge “donations” (sounds downright charitable, doesn’t it?) and then get benefits worth far more than their gifts. Tax breaks. Public subsidies. Pork barrel spending. Government contracts.

The public gets it. It’s time to call it what it is . . . legal bribery.

New Jersey needs to outlaw bribery in all its forms to restore the integrity of our government and the electoral process. 


I support Lisa McCormick's comprehensive plan to outlaw all forms of bribery and self-dealing in politics, so that no taxpayer ever again suffers the indignity of being robbed by someone we pay to serve in a position of trust.

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