Democrats must pursue a progressive agenda! Lisa supports these measures: 

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  • David Pickett
    commented 2018-05-29 20:35:48 -0400
    No mention of Gun Control, so is NRA a supporter?
  • Marylee Margolis
    commented 2018-05-18 08:55:48 -0400
    How do you plan to pay for expanding free education to college? I think it’s a good idea but what is your plan to pay for it, especially if you are going to cut property taxes in half.
  • Chris Romo
    commented 2018-05-09 08:29:21 -0400
    I am a lifelong Democrat that voted for Donald Trump and would do so again at this point. I am disgusted with the status quo in Local and national politics. I am tired of both sides promising the moon and delivering more of the same . I don’t care about hookers and porn star payoffs. I care that taxpayer money is used to fund payoffs for sexual harassment victims abused by elected officials. My husband makes about 40k per year and pays $168. PER WEEK for healthcare! And the ACA is a joke. Our healthcare cost through that debacle would be more than what we pay now!

    I want politicians to be accountable for this nonsense. Something has to give. My husband and I are considering divorce just so we can afford healthcare!
  • Harvey Engelhardt
    commented 2018-05-06 10:05:31 -0400
    I like it because I agree with the content and because it creates an agenda vs. a battle with those that differ. The democratic party needs a galvanizing agenda that includes money out of politics, healthcare, education, training, justice, environment and basically one that works for the people and not the .01%. How difficult is that to put together? Where are our national democratic leaders speaking in this manner? Why are our news stations only speaking about orange faced Trump and not said agenda along with leaders that can bring it to the table. I have been trying to get thru to the DNC for about 2 years with no success. It is very frustrating being a democrat these days. Our fate seem to be in the women’s movement or the HS student anti gun movement. While that is a strong pro in context to the 60’s movements, who is leading the majority of what I call “The Reasonable” citizens – those of us that might see all sides but do see many injustices or poor processes that need to be righted??