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  • answered 2020-05-23 11:27:23 -0400
    Q: Who should be selected as Joe Biden's running mate for Vice President?
    A: Stacey Abrams

    Who should be vice president?

    Joe Biden is the only remaining contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he has got to select a running mate to seek his old job as Vice President.  

    Let us know which of these potential candidates would be your preference!

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  • @LisaMcCormickNJ tweeted link to Respond to the Climate Crisis Now!. 2019-11-07 14:59:56 -0500

    Respond to the Climate Crisis Now!

    More Than 11,000 scientists have signed a message to the world: if we don't make rapid, deep and lasting changes to our lives, there will soon come "untold human suffering" but too many politicians still pretend that this is not an emergency in need of an urgent response.

    Four decades-worth of publicly available data, covering energy use, surface temperature, population, deforestation, polar ice, fertility rates, and, of course, carbon emissions has failed to inspire a transformation from an economy that runs on fossil fuel to some more sustainable form of clean renewable energy. Even as wildfires consume huge portions of the west and powerful hurricanes batter the east with alarming frequency, American politicians remain particularly immune to the need for emergent action.

    Please join me in demanding a real response to this crisis in proportion to the threat climate change poses for humanity. 

    We demand immediate action to avert the threat of climate change, which puts at risk our planet’s capacity to support life. 

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  • signed end gun violence 2019-10-31 08:48:07 -0400
    we must banned all guns

    Tell Congress to stop gun violence!

    Lawmakers have refused to address our country’s gun violence epidemic but we are making it loud and clear that Congress must finally take action.

    In 2018, our country suffered far too many mass shootings, including the national tragedy that took place in Parkland, Florida. This year, the number of mass shootings already exceeded the number of days.

    We must demand Congress do what it takes to pass these common sense solutions to save lives. A majority of Americans support common-sense gun violence prevention reforms, including background checks for all gun buyers and a ban on military-style assault weapons. 

    Horrific mass shootings just took place at Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas.  Our elected leaders have the power to prevent these senseless tragedies, and we must demand that they take action in 2019. 

    341 signatures

    Add your name now: I demand action to end gun violence! Tell Congress to close the loopholes in our background check system and get assault weapons off of our streets for good. 

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  • published Presidential Straw Poll 2019-05-20 13:08:39 -0400

    Presidential Straw Poll

    If you could vote today, who would you support for President?

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  • is no longer a yes vote 2019-06-03 17:23:50 -0400

    Will you vote for me?

    161 votes

    May I count on your support?

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  • @LisaMcCormickNJ tweeted link to Volunteer. 2019-04-16 00:19:48 -0400
    I signed up to volunteer for EFO Lisa McCormick. Join me!

    Become a volunteer

    Our people-powered movement is dependent on you. This is your campaign. Please hit the streets to fight against those who have robbed and cheated the working middle class in America.  

    We need volunteers to man the front lines and leaders to coordinate projects, supervising others. We need to get out our supporters to win!  

    Sign up to knock on doors fron May 30 through June 4 or take charge of a companent of the entire operation, either way you will be a hero of the revolution!

    Become a volunteer
  • @LisaMcCormickNJ tweeted link to Fix Social Security. 2019-04-16 00:18:28 -0400

    Fix Social Security

    Social Security is funded through deductions to everyone’s paychecks. We pay in while we’re working, and then collect benefits when we retire but not everyone pays equally.

    While 94% of American workers pay Social Security tax on every dollar in their paycheck, the very richest Americans stop paying Social Security taxes on taxable earnings over $132,900 but it does not have to be that way.

    By simply requiring upper-income Americans to pay the same tax rate as middle-class families, Social Security's benefits could be expanded, and its funding would remain in balance for decades beyond the longest projections. 

    228 signatures

    Scrap the cap!

    Require upper-income Americans to pay the same tax rate as the 94% of American working  middle-class families that make less than $132,900 a year. This adjustment will keep Social Security solvent in perpetuity. 


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  • @LisaMcCormickNJ tweeted link to No disclosure, no Murphy. 2019-01-05 10:14:41 -0500

    No disclosure, no Murphy

    Governor Phil Murphy has never been shy about running his mouth or spending money, but if he is sincere about his desire for New Direction New Jersey to release its donor list, then he should prove it!

    61 signatures

    Sign here to call on Governor Phil Murphy to:

    Disassociate from all business entities of people responsible for keeping New Direction New Jersey's donor list secret.

    Establish Fair and Clean Elections should have so ordinary working-class New Jersey citizens can use public funds for state, county and local campaigns.

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  • commented on GOP ad helps Democratic Challenger 2018-05-06 12:44:27 -0400
    Neither Menendez nor Trump is going to resign, so it is up to you to vote in the Democratic primary for US Senate to nominate a better nominee. As a Democrat, I do not want to look good only when held in comparison to the morally reprehensible, bigoted, incompetent and corrupt Republicans.

    I am proud of the liberal tradition of strong and smart leadership that defined the Democratic Party, but also of the highest ideals for ethical and honorable behavior. Every American could do this job representing the rest of us, but only a few would betray the purpose of selfless service and trade on our trust for their own benefit.

    Stop making excuses for unethical behavior. My candidacy is giving Democrats a choice to elect a normal, middle working class, progressive woman or a devious, arrogant and corrupt man whose 25-years as a member of Congress coincide with the most precipitous decline in the quality of life for American working people in history.

    Let’s not muddy the waters by pointing out how bad someone else might be. The June 5 primary is choice between Democrats for Change and the corrupt politics of the past.
  • posted about Authority to order nuclear launch on Facebook 2017-08-09 18:37:44 -0400
    Sign the petition: No one person should have power to destroy the world

    No one person should have power to destroy the world

    No one person should have the authority to order a first strike nuclear attack, but right now the President of the United States has sole authority to order America's military forces to launch nuclear weapons.

    Sign this petition to urge Congress to address this issue right now!

    The decision to use nuclear weapons is potentially the most important decision this nation could ever make. A single warhead could kill hundreds of thousands of people; nuclear war could change the face of the planet. Yet, despite the risks, there is no check on the president’s authority to order a nuclear strike.

    Congress should require a declaration of war before the president uses nuclear weapons for anything other than retaliation for incoming nuclear threats in order to reduce the chance of an impulsive or irrational launch. 

    27,380 signatures

    Congress must enact a law limiting a President's ability to order a nuclear strike unless the United States is under attack by an enemy who is using atomic weapons. 

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  • Democrats must pursue a progressive agenda

    Lisa McCormick is asking Democrats in Congress to sign on to eight bills that define a better future for America and show the nation what life could be like with a progressive majority running things instead of the greedy and corrupt cartel of billionaires who are driving the Republican agenda.

    lisa-mccormick_20101.jpgResisting the Trump Republicans alone will not move our country forward, so Democrats should campaign on a bold agenda that creates an America that works for everyone. If Democrats want to take our country back from the billionaire class and Republicans in 2018, we need to speak to the concerns of our people. 

    We're fighting for a Congress that will put people before profits in an America where everyone has access to health care, free public education, and a job that pays a living wage. A livable planet, justice, peace and prosperity were handed down to us and we must preserve them to pass them on to our children and future generations.

    McCormick said all Democrats in Congress should co-sponsor the following bills:

    Health Care: H.R. 676 Medicare For All Act, introduced by Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich).

    Education: H.R. 1880 College for All Act of 2017, introduced by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA-07).

    Worker Rights: H.R.15 - Raise the Wage Act, Representatives Bobby Scott (D-VA) and Keith Ellison (D-MN).

    Women’s Rights: H.R.771 - Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act of 2017, introduced by Rep. Lee, Barbara (D-CA-13).

    Voting Rights: H.R.2840 - Automatic Voter Registration Act, introduced by Rep. David N. Cicilline (D-RI-1).

    Criminal Justice and Immigrant Rights: Justice is Not For Sale Act of 2017, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) in 2017.

    Tax on Wall Street: H.R. 1144 - Inclusive Prosperity Act, introduced by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN).

    Climate Change: Environmental Justice Act of 2017’ introduced by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA-07).

    25 signatures

    Please join us by urging every Democrat in Congress to support Medicare for All, college tuition for all, a $15 per hour minimum wage, equal access to abortion, expanded voting rights, ending private prisons, taxing Wall Street and protecting our environment.

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  • posted about About Lisa on Facebook 2017-05-10 14:40:43 -0400
    I urge you to follow @LisaMcCormickNJ & + if you want to change the world

    About Candidate

    Mayhem in the streets, an incompetent response to pandemic, looting our national treasure, bigotry & division from the White House, widespread poverty & injustice: These do not reflect the values shared by American citizens!

    Once, Americans could complete a course of free public education, which prepared one to get a 40-hour per week job that paid enough to have a really good life & retire at 60. 

    That is gone now -- as people struggle to make ends meet with two or three jobs -- but Americans can take back our quality of life by reversing Reaganomics! 

    Lisa McCormick is one of us, so she will work for our interests

    As the only challenger in the 2018 New Jersey Democratic primary for US senator, McCormick garnered one of the highest primary vote totals in the last 25 years, and she did that on a budget of less than $5,000. Lisa McCormick is one of the top Democratic primary vote earners in recent history, and she did that without raising and spending vast sums of money because she appealed to people, just like you, to take responsibility as citizens for making the world a better place. 

    Bob Menendez, Jim McGreevey, Phil Murphy, Cory Booker, Jon Corzine, Frank Lautenberg, Robert Torricelli, Barbara Buono and Lisa McCormick are the nine New Jersey Democrats who got the most primary election votes in the last 25 years but only Lisa McCormick's people-powered campaign broke the pattern of raising millions of dollars for advertising and instead put ordinary citizens in charge.

    Throughout our history, when this country has faced its darkest hours, real leaders have emerged to hold our people to the responsibility of citizenship. Inspired by that American tradition and the momentous demands of our time, when our society seems on the edge of breaking down just as our species is confronted by an array of threats to human existence, Lisa McCormick is an ordinary person with the courage to face extraordinary challenges.

    She's one of us! But she cannot do this alone. It is up to you to make sure Lisa McCormick is victorious in her campaign for Congress: 

    Learn about Lisa McCormick's position on the issues. Share your knowledge with friends. Be sure to case your ballot before July 7!

    McCormick stood up against Wall Street billionaires trying to buy control over the Democratic Party. She fought corrupt insiders who rob millions from taxpayers through no-bid contracts and other crooked deals. Lisa wants to represent your interests as working, middle-class families entrust her with power. She was the only Democrat in New Jersey with the courage to challenge the US Senator indicted by the Obama administration and 'severely admonished' by the US Senate Ethics Committee.

    Lisa McCormick is running for office because the challenges facing working families in today’s economy are not being solved by the existing political establishment. The quality of living has precipitously declined during the 40 years, as unfair elections, broken political systems & legalized bribery have manifested as inequality in society and despair among the populace. But it does not have to be that way. We, the people, still have power to vote.

    Lisa has won key victories as a progressive activist fighting for justice and advocating smart & honest policies, like breaking up big banks, stopping corporate tax dodgers, Medicare for all and expanding free public education. She knows that persistence is required and she is willing to go the distance.

    Most importantly, Lisa McCormick will work to eliminate the corrupt influence of dirty money in politics with an affordable system of fair & clean elections. Eliminating political payoffs is the only way to put on a public agenda items such as state-funded child care, paid family leave, universal health insurance, free tuition at public colleges and universities.

    Americans agree with Lisa McCormick on the issues (Click to see examples).

    A lifelong New Jersey resident, Lisa McCormick is a mother, a community news publisher and accomplished equestrian athlete.

    Before she acquired her own business, Lisa McCormick worked with such companies as Merck, Schering Plough, Seton Hall, Unz & Co., Hewlett Packard, Chanel, Fortis, and EDS.  She also worked with the president of Dataflex Corporation and served as an administrative operations manager at Investment Partners, a local clearing firm based in Plainfield. McCormick studied Industrial Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), earned a certificate in office administration from Cittone Institute and graduated from John P. Stevens High School in Edison Township.

    The measure of human character is not how many times you get knocked down. What counts is whether you get back up. Lisa McCormick suffered some terrible injuries, but she is someone who has conquered adversity. 

    After a 2008 auto collision caused her to have disk replacement surgery in 2010, two-and-a-half years later Lisa McCormick endured a second accident in which she fractured two vertebrae, also known as the backbone or spine.  Today, she remains on the mend but vigorously pursues a healthy regimen of yoga, ice skating, horseback riding and other physical exercise.

    A little thing like an electoral defeat is not stopping a fighter like Lisa McCormick, so she is applying one of the principal lessons learned from horseback riding, which she started at the age of nine: That is when you get bucked off, you get up and hop right back into the saddle! We are asking volunteers and donors from all over to help as we work to let voters know about Lisa's 2020 candidacy for Congress in New Jersey's 12th Congressional District! 

    Lisa McCormick is someone with transformational political talent, the tenacity to forge ahead despite overwhelming opposition. She is running in pursuit of almost universally desired goals, the restoration of democratic equality in America, the eradication of rampant corruption and the restoration of the American Dream. If you would like to help advance this campaign, please make a donation to Lisa McCormick and sign up to volunteer in support of this people-powered crusade.



  • published smoke in Issues 2017-03-28 15:40:01 -0400

    Clear the smoke & mirrors

    Help illustrate the fact that John Wisniewski accepted at least $6,350 from R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.


    Help illustrate the fact that John Wisniewski accepted at least $6,350 from R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Right click to download the image, modify it and return your image to 

    Unleash your creativity to support our people-powered campaign!

    Tobacco is the world’s single greatest cause of preventable death. It is also highly addictive. Still, John Wisniewski accepted at least $6,350 from R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. He also took campaign contributions from Philip Morris, another tobacco company.  Wisniewski even accepted $1,000 from killer tobacco companies about the same time he joined the presidential campaign for Bernie Sanders.

    In 2015, Wisniewski voted to let tobacco companies cut their court-ordered payments to New Jersey.

    New Jersey lawmakers bailed out some tobacco bonds, trading $400 million in future revenues for a fast $92 million. Then they agreed to accept reduced payments from the tobacco lawsuit settlement.

    While collecting an estimated $921 million from state revenue from cigarette taxes and the tobacco settlement money, Wisniewski & other lawmakers allocated zero dollars in the last four New Jersey budgets to encourage people to stop smoking or break their nicotine addiction.

    New Jersey has repeatedly been ranked worst in the nation for state spending on smoking cessation & tobacco prevention programs

    Medical expenses associated with smoking and tobacco use, including cancer treatment, cost New Jersey about $4 billion annually, but the state has not provided any funding for tobacco prevention since 2012.

    Instead of fighting to save the lives of our children and adults, John Wisniewski has been pocketing money from tobacco companies for several decades & allowing your tax dollars to go up in smoke.

    John Wisniewski is a millionaire who does not care about you, so use the image above to help illustrate how cowardly, irresponsible & greedy politicians sell us out to killer tobacco companies.

    Be a part of our New Jersey revolution:
    Break the old rules. Make new ones.

    Your artistic contribution will give our voice a better chance to break through to the Democratic primary electorate, pinning the blame for smoking deaths on crooked politicians who take money from killer tobacco companies. This election is about much more than money. Wisniewski had 21 years as a Trenton insider, but he has made New Jersey’s government dysfunctional and ineffective because he sold out. Now fight back!

    Our oppressors are going to fight dirty, so we have to fight hard, we have to fight smart & we must never give up!