Shattered Families

The Trump administration is heartlessly separating families due to the nation's broken immigration policies. Think of how many children, both U.S. citizen and legal permanent residents and undocumented children, are being separated by the people most dear to them and in some cases, the only family that watches over them. The horrendous actions taking place today are clearly the fault of both President Donald Trump, who is exploiting and exacerbating problems, plus a corrupt and complacent Congress that failed to address the issue for decades.

According to a report from the office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), between 1998 and 2007 removals involved 108,434 alien parents of U.S. citizen children. This was a serious problem long before Trump expanded the deportation process and began tearing immigrant children away from parents who were seeking asylum at America's border. President Obama took steps to reduce the cruel inhumanity imposed by that system, which the Republican president reversed.

The number of children separated from undocumented parents is much higher but on June 5, 2018, Trump falsely attributed the policy to Democrats.  There is no federal law mandating children and parents be separated at the border; a policy resulting in that outcome was imposed by the Trump Republicans in May 2018.

There is no federal law that stipulates that children and parents be separated at the border, no matter how families entered the United States. An increase in child detainees separated from parents stemmed directly from zero-tolerance” policy a change in enforcement repeatedly announced by attorney General Jeff Sessions in April and May 2018, under which adults (with or without children) are criminally prosecuted for attempting to enter the United States.

Over the subsequent six-week period, more than 2,000 children were separated from parents crossing the border. Almost all Americans agree on bill ending Trump's cruel family separation but we need resources to effectively combat this policy.


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