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Help illustrate the fact that John Wisniewski accepted at least $6,350 from R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.


Help illustrate the fact that John Wisniewski accepted at least $6,350 from R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Right click to download the image, modify it and return your image to 

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Tobacco is the world’s single greatest cause of preventable death. It is also highly addictive. Still, John Wisniewski accepted at least $6,350 from R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. He also took campaign contributions from Philip Morris, another tobacco company.  Wisniewski even accepted $1,000 from killer tobacco companies about the same time he joined the presidential campaign for Bernie Sanders.

In 2015, Wisniewski voted to let tobacco companies cut their court-ordered payments to New Jersey.

New Jersey lawmakers bailed out some tobacco bonds, trading $400 million in future revenues for a fast $92 million. Then they agreed to accept reduced payments from the tobacco lawsuit settlement.

While collecting an estimated $921 million from state revenue from cigarette taxes and the tobacco settlement money, Wisniewski & other lawmakers allocated zero dollars in the last four New Jersey budgets to encourage people to stop smoking or break their nicotine addiction.

New Jersey has repeatedly been ranked worst in the nation for state spending on smoking cessation & tobacco prevention programs

Medical expenses associated with smoking and tobacco use, including cancer treatment, cost New Jersey about $4 billion annually, but the state has not provided any funding for tobacco prevention since 2012.

Instead of fighting to save the lives of our children and adults, John Wisniewski has been pocketing money from tobacco companies for several decades & allowing your tax dollars to go up in smoke.

John Wisniewski is a millionaire who does not care about you, so use the image above to help illustrate how cowardly, irresponsible & greedy politicians sell us out to killer tobacco companies.

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Your artistic contribution will give our voice a better chance to break through to the Democratic primary electorate, pinning the blame for smoking deaths on crooked politicians who take money from killer tobacco companies. This election is about much more than money. Wisniewski had 21 years as a Trenton insider, but he has made New Jersey’s government dysfunctional and ineffective because he sold out. Now fight back!

Our oppressors are going to fight dirty, so we have to fight hard, we have to fight smart & we must never give up!





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Just stop.

I'm sorry, but are you somehow using Bernie in a hit piece that then asks for $27???? You do know where that $27 number came from, right? Not a good look. So John liked Bernie. Do you like Trump?

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