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    Run with Lisa

    In 2021, the primary election ballot will include governor, every member of the state legislature, plus there will also be contests for county offices, mayor and city council, depending on where you live. 

    The most consequential elections are primaries, where each party nominates the contenders who are on the ballot in November. 

    Unfortunately, primary election candidates are largely selected by party bosses who are not interested in your well being. These power brokers are not motivated by good intentions, they do not care about you and they have questionable integrity. To challenge the political establishment, we need to recruit candidates who will give voters a choice in the primary elections.

    Election laws give New Jersey power brokers vast influence in picking candidates. Those political bosses have even more power when officials leave in the middle of their term — whether they retire early, pass away, depart for another job or are carted off in handcuffs. Either way, democracy is cheated when voters have no choice in an election.

    Without contested offices, elections have no meaning. That is why we need to encourage you -- and people like you -- to run for public offices like Legislator, freeholder, mayor or member of your local governing body.

    The genius of American democracy is that these jobs are not reserved for an elite class of special people. Our elected officials can be ordinary people who know the difference between right and wrong. 

    You are probably qualified to serve in any of these positions, and we can help prepare good people to perform civic duties. In a primary, while party leaders might endorse their preferred candidate, some like you could challenge that person for the nomination. The voters then decide at the ballot box and democracy is kept alive.

    Please sign up here, to find out more about the opportunities to pursue a nomination for public office in 2021 or 2022. If there is someone else who should be considered to represent us or work in government, please submit their name as a nomination. We need good people who are willing to serve, because there is a mess that needs to be cleaned up! 

    Complete this form, so we may contact you with more details, and select all the check boxes that apply to offices in which you may be willing to serve:

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